Cl Wohnen 68

Project white box

e-wohnen der zukunft construction-mediaproject

project white box berlin

popularizing the IoT – a typical old building becomes one of the most intelligent houses in germany.

the project generates the digital footprint of it‘s residents, that is mobile and all-around at any time.
and integrates the users daily spots in berlin in order to make life & work easier.

In the European knowledge-based society, new settlement structures are taking place in the Creative
Cities (like Berlin); new intergenerational neighbourhoods, living and working are becoming interconnected.
The world of today, and all the more, the world of tomorrow is complex.
And increasing. Networked, linked, engineered, virtual. The requirements of people as well: flexibility, versatility, adaptability, mobility, life-long learning-efficiency in every respect is required. Many industries have long since taken this into account. Information and communications technology, energy, automotive.

  • e-wohnen ist eine Marke der
  • zukunftswohnen gmbh
  • agentur für bau-medienprojekte
  • Rodenbergstr. 15
  • 10439 Berlin, Germany

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